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Gabriel Bogovich



  • 1991. Complete secondary.

  • Specialist in traditional medicine china

  • 1997. Registry 92.381 of the argentine association of alternative therapies

  • Assistant ii argentine congress of cancer-oriented therapies and vih

  • 2000 - 2005 - 2012. Assistant to qi gong seminars, reflexology and auriculotherapy.

  • Providing seminars of self-treatment with tcm, tui na an mo, acupression, etc, in various points of the country, promoting the tcm's dissemination to the public in general, participating in various radio and tv shows and graphics publications

  • Assistant to the xvi brazilian symposium of chinese medicine, january 2017, san pablo, brazil, where it was established a convention of association and academic cooperation with the faculty of technology - brazilian school of medicine china fte-ebramec (director dr reginaldo filho), for the creation of emecla , chinese medicine school of the americas

  • Since 2015 as a promoter of training in tcm in the house of chinese culture of santa fe, argentina, and currently director and teacher in charge of the school of the house of culture china - emecla, school of chinese medicine of the americas


Work position

  • Director of tcm area

  • Teacher at training at tcm

  • Exercising the profession since 1997, starting as an assistant of my father, carlos j. bogovich (1937 - 2004), who also have exercised the tcm during years.