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Alessandra Poini

Alessandra Poini | Council Member

Education and training

  • Member of Working Committee of Promoting the Regulation of Chinese Medicine della WFCMS. From 2016

  • Master degree in Principle and Practice of Clinical Research (PPCR 2016)- Harvard T.H. Chen -School of Public Health, Harvard University - Boston (USA). February 2016 - October 2016

  • Reasearcher AMAB for CHETCH (China and Europe Taking Care of Health Care Solutions). January 2014 to January 2017

  • Adviser for FISA (Italian Federation of Acupuncture Companies). From 2013

  • MD General Practice. Specifical training in General Practice A.A 2012 -2015

  • MD- Acupuncturist. Four-year course of acupuncture, Chinese-Italian School of Acupuncture-AMAB (Medical Acupuncturists Association of Bologna) A.A 2010-2014

  • Master Degree in Medicine and Surgery single-cycle 46 / S, 108/110. Thesis in Neurology: "Behavioral indices in the objective assessment of sleepiness: a pilot study" Supervisor : Prof. F. Cirignotta. September 2004 – June 2011. University of Bologna, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery



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  • Baiardi, S., Poini, A., Pizza, F., Mondini, S., & Cirignotta, F. (2012, September). Is maintenance of wakefulnesstest and behavioural index a useful synergy for the evaluation of sleepiness?. In Journal of Sleep Research (vol. 21, pp. 308-309).

  • Baiardi, S., Poini, A., Pizza, F., Mondini, S., & Cirignotta, F. (2012, January). Are Mwt And Behavioral Index A Useful Synergy For The Evaluation Of Sleepiness?. In Sleep (vol. 35, pp. a429-a429).